What I hear when I listen...

There's something interesting that happens for me when I listen. First I notice that I have to decide what I'm going to listen to.

When I listen to the sounds of my body, the breathing, the rumbling, the creaking. I hear the sounds of a living being. When I listen to the sounds of nature; the rain, the birds, the water rushing past, again, I hear the sounds of a living being.

When I listen to the tonal shifts in the voices of those I talk to I hear the cadence of frustration, or excitement or loss, and even without the meaning of the words, the feeling is encoded in the tone, the volume, the texture of those words.

When we communicate, we make sounds, and those sounds travel from person to person carrying so much meaning and the dynamic energy of connection. In the act of deep listening we find that we can receive and return that connection; and just in that moment we find the relief from isolation. We are heard, we are seen, we are not really different you and I. Our lives may be different, our circumstances, our opinions, beliefs and experiences, our skin colour, gender, or nationality; however don't we all want to be listened to? Not so someone can change our view, or say "Yes, but" or even "I hear what you're saying, but..." just so we can be more connected, more curious and maybe even a bit more kind.

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