Drop the 'should' and connect to love!

Since the beginning of lockdown, more than ever before, I have been overwhelmed with the things I should do. It really is a never ending list. Then came a wave of voices giving permission for me to go easy, to not put pressure on myself to create, learn a language, bake everything from scratch; and for a moment I exhaled. Then I got really quiet...I listened in close...and booming loudly in my head was a voice saying:

"what the hell do they know?! You should be- making yourself useful, fixing up your website, writing your novel, losing weight, contributing to your community- I'll stop here, fill in the blanks. So here's what happened, I flooded. I flooded my whole system with all of my shoulds and then something broke. It wasn't me that broke, it was the pattern. I saw it like I'd created it myself! So I decided to harness my shoulds to create a new way of being, every time they come up, I drop my attention into my heart. Not my metaphorical heart, my actual physical heart. I feel it's beat, it's living rhythm, I feel my breath in my heart area and I connect to love. What does my love tell me to do right now? What do I love to do right now? I connect to love... and here's what it tells me...

Remember I am here, remember why you are here, drop the shoulds, remember me, and I promise to be your guide. I will not steer you wrong, and deep down, you know it.

Try it, and maybe together we can harness those shoulds into a new way of being!

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