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Lorna Walker
Feb 20, 2022
Thanks so much for this introduction Nicola, it gives such a great glimpse of you and the things you love! I’m sure there will be many places of crossover with other members and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more about you too 😊 I too celebrate the turning of the year and each season with my practice of “bringing the outside in”. The main area I decorate every season is my hearth but over time it’s grown and more and more areas start to reflect whatever season we are in. I’ll maybe say more about that sometime… ;) I appreciate what you say about teaching what we ourselves need- so many of us in this community share practices with others or look after others in some capacity- it’s always a challenge for me to get the balance right. I think recently since I’ve been so unwell I’ve noticed that a story can emerge that I haven’t looked after myself properly and that’s why I’m unwell- I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think any practice or health routine can stave off the realities of sickness or suffering. In fact it’s these places of tiredness, depletion, discomfort that can be the birthplace of compassion for me. The thing that always helps is community, people who can relate to my experience, folks who care without judging. That has been one of the things I’ve realised recently through a dear friend with cancer/ she told me how at first it was so hard to accept help being so used to being a carer for others- then she said eventually she could see that her illness was opening an opportunity for those she came into contact to grow their compassion in how they cared for her- she now saw herself as a catalyst for bringing more care and warmth into the world! So I’m with you in sharing what I often most need and I’m grateful to all of you who join me in that. Lorna x

Lorna Walker

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