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Teacher Training Course – Mindfulness for Parents and Carers Online

Running again in November 2021


The course will be run for 4 days over two weekends and is designed for those who already have a practice of mindfulness.

It will be an opportunity to deepen our own practice, meet like-minded practitioners and train to deliver the Mindfulness for Parents and Carers Programme.

Course content

  • Role-modelling and cultivating presence

  • Neuroscience and the child’s brain

  • Mindful Communication

  • Awareness of Feelings – developing emotional intelligence

  • Managing Emotions

  • Teaching skills practice

By the end of the course you will have had experienced the Mindfulness for Parents and Carers course as a participant and had opportunities to practice delivering aspects of the course in Triads on each of the training days.

On completion you will receive the following resources

  • A facilitator’s manual

  • Manual for Parents

  • Booklet of practices for children

  • Set of mindfulness recordings for adults

  • Set of mindfulness recordings for children


About The Facilitators

Our motivation in teaching mindfulness is to create spaces where people feel safe and valued and where they can explore and experience the benefits of mindfulness practices in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We believe mindfulness should be accessible to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.



...delivers mindfulness courses, events and workshops to organisations, schools communities, young offenders, parents and families. Veronica is a qualified teacher with over 25 years’ teaching experience. She has taught a variety of ages and groups of children and young adults both within mainstream and special education, including children with severe learning difficulties and with emotional and behavioural difficulties.
Through the practice of mindfulness, she helps create working and home environments where people can flourish and where workers, teachers, parents, young people and children can develop more harmonious, meaningful and connected relationships.

Veronica is the author of the Mindfulness for Parent and Carers course and has been delivering it for 2 years.



...delivers mindfulness and wellbeing programmes in a variety of settings; education, health, social care and criminal justice. Her background as a teacher in both mainstream and in residential care has given her a passion for working with the adults who care for and support young people. With over 15 years experience teaching and 7 years teaching mindfulness programmes and training others as part of Youth Mindfulness she has developed courses for teens, teams working with those who have behaviour which challenges, and resources for children.  As a parent of a child with severe anxiety she has experienced the benefits of mindfulness practice for herself and her family relationships and wishes to share that with as many people as possible! 

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